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Episode 23 – Behind The Scenes Truths: The Decisions Colleges Make Part 1

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Episode 23: Behind The Scenes Truths: College Admission Decisions.
Part 1 of 3.

As an admissions committee we voted with a Red, Yellow, or Green card. 

That was it. 

Deny, Wait List or Admit. 

Three votes 

Majority of 2 votes would win the day. 

Red – Yellow – Green. 

The long winter days of January were filled with reading college applications non-stop. February will be filled with daily committees with College Admission Officers holding up Red, Yellow, or Green cards at the end of a short presentation on each applicant and each school group.

Like a scarlet letter — a big letter A – WL – or D (Accept, Wait-List, Deny) was written on the cover of each file folder, accompanied with a matching colored round dot stuck next to the applicant’s name. 


How long would that GREEN sticker (accepted) remain on that folder?


March was my least favorite month in college admissions. 

I awaited, without anticipation, the number I would receive from the Assistant Director, informing me of just how many students I OVER admitted that year. 

You see — for example — if Vassar’s admit rate was at 30% that year — and after my February committee meetings — I had an admit rate of 33% — that meant I had to go and find 

3% of my GREENS and turn them into YELLOWs. 

They would never know

But I did. 

I’ll never the girl from California that I had to cut. 

We had met at one of our events and I just liked her. She sent in a cute drawing of princess in a castle – or something!! She was a girlie girl, like myself, but other than me really liking her, at the end of the day I couldn’t justify keeping her as opposed to other really well qualified and compelling applicants.  I had to take solace in the fact that she would land exactly where she was supposed to. 

She was moved from a GREEN to a YELLOW

UGH – breaks my heart even today. 

LISTENERS!! THIS Behind-The-Scenes College Admission Truths MINI SERIES WAS THE MOST POPULAR ALL SUMMER. I don’t hold back, I give it to you straight, and at times I hesitate to tell you the truth, but I do it anyway. This series was so popular that I gave a short version in my KTLA TV interview. If you only have 5 minutes, go to https://drcynthiacolon.com/media/ to watch.

In this episode we are talking about:

The Truth About The Decisions Colleges Make 

Or what we in admissions call – the art of crafting a class.

And – while you may not want to know — I’m going to tell you what I do know and I believe you should too. 

When it comes to College Admissions, what does go into crafting a class?  What does that even mean? 

As you consider your own college application, you may ask, “What goes into the decision making process for each college?” 

Here is a list of some of the pieces that colleges consider when making a decision of accept, wait-list, or deny. 

  1. College Majors
  2. Institutional Priorities
  3. More Girls Apply To College Than Boys
  4. Legacy and Donor Applicants
  5. Athletes
  6. Under-Represented Minorities
  7. Evidence of a Good Fit / Good Match
  8. A word about Geographic Diversity

Listen to this episode and find out! 

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