Episode 42 - Be present. Be open. Be uncomfortable.

Dr. Cynthia Colon With Guest Ross Mankuta

Today's Podcast features Guest Ross Mankuta the Director of College Counseling at Milken Community School

When was the last time you were uncomfortable? 

I mean really uncomfortable?

Adults might answer, public speaking, small talk, admitting you were wrong, or disagreeing with your boss. Teens might say, being without my phone, being somewhere that I don’t know anyone, or talking to a teacher.


Today, our guest, Ross Mankuta, offers his tips, tales, and lessons on how teaching your child to be present,be open-minded, and be willing to explore and be uncomfortable is the best preparation for the college admission process. And if YOU, as the Parent, can find a way to teach your child to do all of that, well, my friends, you are raising  a courageous doer and college-bound teen!


As the Director of College Counseling, Ross discusses Early Action, Early Decision, and the reality of applying to highly competitive institutions. Ross also offers surprising tales of two of his most memorable students and applicants. Ross truly puts the Community in his school, Milken Community School. 

Guest Bio:

Originally from Long Island, NY, Ross D. Mankuta earned his Bachelors and Master’s degrees from the George Washington University (GW).  After spending time working in politics in both the House of Representatives and The White House, Ross made the transition to the world of higher education by working in the Undergraduate Admission Office at GW.


After two years at GW and two more at the University of Southern California (USC), Ross came to Milken Community Schools to join its College Counseling & Academic Planning office.  During his time at Milken Ross also served as an assistant coach to the baseball team as well as worked to assist the admission office by conducting interviews and sitting on the admission committee.  In 2018 Ross was on the steering committee for Milken’s CAIS/WASC accreditation process.


This past summer, Ross took on added responsibility and was named Milken’s Director of College Counseling, Alumni Relations, & Strategic Partnerships.

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