Episode 44 Don’t Be Good. Be Great. Be A UNLV Rebel.

I believe it is the students who make an institution great, one by one, year after year. In today’s episode, you’ll learn exactly why I believe this state institution is on it’s way to greatness. 


How do YOU define greatness? Do you see the vision of greatness before it happens? I KNOW there are teenagers out there who crave and desire nothing more than to be part of MAKING something great. Ask yourself – does your child look at toys, problems, challenges and think, “HOW can I improve this?”  


Today’s guest, Kelsey Kaplan, is the Senior Admission Coordinator at UNLV.  Whether or not UNLV is for you, my friends, trust me when I tell you that Kelsey’s journey to college and the harsh reality of affordability will make your heart melt. While a parent’s belief and hope for their child is limitless, sometimes there are limits to what a family can offer financially. Kelsey’s courageous decisions at the young at of 17, makes her truly GREAT in every sense of the word. 

Guest Bio:

Kelsey Kaplan is a Senior Admission Coordinator in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV).

Born and raised in the fabulous city of Las Vegas, Nevada, Kelsey chose to attend UNLV and earned a Bachelor of Science in Human Services Counseling. After completing her degree, Kelsey was hired as an Admission Counselor within the UNLV Office of Admissions, ultimately advancing into her current leadership role. 

As a young professional and first generation college student, Kelsey is passionate about helping students find the best fit for themselves while also alleviating any stress that can be felt during the college search process. 

She works primarily with student populations from the Pacific Northwest and Northern California, and has aided thousands of students throughout her tenure at UNLV. Kelsey looks forward to continue with her work at UNLV and within the Las Vegas community as the institution advances. 

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