A message from Dr. Cynthia Colón…

As the first in my family to attend college, I relied heavily on student scholarship money and financial aid to get me through all eight years of college. And as a child of a single mother, one of three girls, and taught by a tribe of nine aunts, I learned about the impact women can have when they come together.

At the end of the day, my life’s work comes down to two things, being an agent of change for students of all ages, and empowering women to become the change-maker in their own life.

My business partnership with the #1 Skin Care Brand in North America, Rodan + Fields, offers all of us the vehicle to achieve both goals. We are committed to giving back to schools and colleges to help fund scholarship funds for students. We are equally committed to linking arms with every woman who believes that doing good for others and doing well for self does not have to be mutually exclusive. Together we are able to Do More. Give More. Live Better.

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We believe in the future. We believe in your future.
We believe in dreaming big.
We believe in support, friendship, love, and community.
We believe in surrounding yourself with a team of supporters, a village of cheerleaders, and a community of believers.
We believe in improving self, inspiring others, and impacting the world.


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