Admissions Coach

Be the Change-Maker every college is looking for.

Gone are the days when good grades and activities were enough to get you in to a great school. Top colleges are looking for exceptional people who are already creating an impact.

Let Dr. Cynthia Colón help you find your “cool factor,” and set you on the path to be the Change-Maker every college wants.

Coolness Factor Academy – $1995
Initial Family Consultation – $600
College Essay Boot Camp – $599 Register Here
One Hour Session – -$250
Packages Available

Motivational Coach

Are you ready to be present in your life and pursue the purpose for your life?

We all encounter life circumstances that require us to pivot, set new goals and change our thinking. It’s important in these times that we surround ourselves with cheerleaders.

The tools needed to build success are applicable at every stage of life, and they are more accessible than you think.

No matter your age, or what stage you are in life, Dr. Cynthia helps you find your purpose, accomplish your goals, and find the success you are looking for.

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Interesting, Engaging, Compelling

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