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Get Two Drafted Essays DONE in 90-Minutes!

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  • Enroll now for just $139 and write essays that maximize college choices!
  • OCTOBER 16
    Noon - 2pm PST
    4-6pm PST 

    OCTOBER 20
    8-10am PST
    6-8pm PST 

Here Are The Deets

Tune In From Any US Time Zone!!

In addition to TWO drafted essays,  as a bonus, YOU WILL walk away with 

  • 50 Sample Essays: Including UC Application Essays and Common App Personal Statements. 

  • Templates and examples for you to use and move from Draft 1 to Draft 2, 3, and final drafts. This is GOLD!!
  • AND be invited to my Private FB for the remainder of the application season.


  • 01  I WILL

walk you through my TRIED AND TRUSTED Brainstorm Activity.

  • 02  YOU WILL

then have a minimum of 4 possible topic ideas written down on paper.

  • 03  As a class WE WILL

take volunteers to share some ideas. I WILL offer feedback so that it will benefit everyone in the class. This helps YOU hone your ideas. 

  • 04  I WILL

then walk you through an exercise that moves you from brainstorm ideas to actual mini outlines.

  • 05  YOU WILL

now choose TWO of the 4 to actually test drive right then and there.

  • 06 I WILL

give you detailed instructions and examples and then set the timer for a timed writing exercise. 

  • 07  YOU WILL

complete 2 drafts within 90 minutes.

  • 08 WE WILL

close with Q and A and the next steps of how to complete your essays at home. 

You’ll walk away from this workshop feeling…

CONFIDENT in yourself, with your writing, and to complete your essays.

AHEAD of your peers! A weight will be taken off your shoulders once you do the hard work: get started!

EXCITED about YOU! You will realize just how interesting you are and how much you have to write about. Now that is exciting! 

READY to get to the finish line and #getitdone

Version 2

A word from Dr. C… 

It was only two years ago that I realized this teen-proofed, battle tested essay workshop should be available to every student with a dream to attend college. For years I used this activity just for my private clients, but since taking this “show” on the road – thousands, literally thousands of students have benefited and found their “WOW” essay! 

NOW, every college-bound student can learn the secret to a winning essay. 

I cannot wait to “see” you in our virtual classroom!

YOU are amazing and will create something unique to you!

Wherever you are, make it a happy and sunny day!

Dr. C

Frequently Asked Questions

TRUTH: Most teens have an idea for a topic. The problem is, they do not know how to turn that into an essay that is clear, concise, and compelling. This 90-minute workshop gives seniors the exact formula on what to FOCUS on in their essay. 

TIP: The college admission essay is less about WHAT your topic is, and more about HOW you capture the story. 

  • All college bound students are welcome! Any state, every high school: All are welcome!!
  • This workshop is designed to get seniors to stop procrastinating and learn just how fun and “easy” this can be. The hardest part is getting started. 
  • All students will brainstorm 4 possible topics and leave with first drafts of two different essay topics.

Most students need 2-4 essays.

Common Application/ Private Colleges:

  • Personal Statement required at a maximum of 650 words.
  • Supplemental essay(s) come with each college.

University of California Application:

  • The UC Application requires 4 essays at a maximum of 350 words each.

  • No letters of recommendation are allowed for UCs, making the essays key to getting admitted.
  1. I agree to follow the Step-by-Step essay curriculum that has been teen-proofed and battle tested for over a decade.
  2. I will come with a mindset to get work done.
  3. I will ask questions when I get stuck.
  4. I am committed to writing during the workshop.
  5. I have my happy dance playlist ready to go for the end of the workshop!
  6. I will have fun, celebrate all the victories along the way, and eat ice cream.

“I feel great and so thankful that my mom forced me to do this. As a senior, I feel a sense of relief because of the weight lifted off of my shoulder.  Before this class, I used to think that writing was something I could never improve. Thankfully, with a push from Dr. C, Stephanie, and Vanna, I was able to strengthen my capabilities as a writer.”  


“To seniors that haven’t taken this class, I encourage you to do so. The writing coaches really taught me how to put my thoughts and memories onto paper, as well as expand a small idea. It was a good experience that I think every student should have.”


“This class was very fun and helped me explore and expand my essay topics that I would never have thought of on my own. Dr. Colon helped me write my college essays that I am proud to show to any college that I apply to.”


“I am glad that I took this essay camp.   The class left me with essays that I feel proud of you and am excited to show colleges.  Dr. Colon’s input and writing method was instrumental in helping me to write essays that would grab the reader’s attention and leave an impression.  Her class gave me one less thing to stress about.”


Here's The Scoop

Get Two Drafted Essays DONE in 90-Minutes!

Enroll NOW for $139
  • Enroll now for just $139 and write essays that maximize college choices!
  • OCTOBER 16
    Noon - 2pm PST
    4-6pm PST 

    OCTOBER 20
    8-10am PST
    6-8pm PST