1 - How many essays will I complete in the Essay Boot Camp?

  • All students work to complete 4 essays on 4 different topics, ensuring they have a variety to choose from depending on the essay prompt for each college.
  • Several students leave with more than one version of each essay, but most complete 4 essays.

2 - How many essays are required for college admissions?

Most students need 2-4 essays.

Common Application/ Private Colleges:

  • Personal Statement required at a maximum of 650 words.
  • Supplemental essay(s) come with each college.


University of California Application:

  • UCs require 4 essays at a maximum of 350 words each.
  • No letters of recommendation are allowed for UCs, making the essays key to getting admitted.

3 – WHO can attend?

  • All college bound students are welcome! Any state, every high school: All are welcome!!
  • All Camps are especially recommended for high school seniors and juniors who are applying to colleges that require essays as part of their application.

4 - What’s the difference between LIVE Camps vs. FLEX Camp?

  • LIVE – Accountability of time. We choose start and end time and date.
  • FLEX – Flexibility of time. YOU choose start and end date 
  • LIVE – You assigned writing coach offers personalized feedback at each draft ( drafts 1-6).
  • FLEX – You turn in assignments and you receive personalized feedback at drafts 1 and 3.
  • LIVE – Students complete 4-8 essays.
  • FLEX – Students complete 4-5 essays.
  • LIVE – Professional Editor on hand on the last day of class.

5 - Do I need the UC Application Camp?

If you are applying to any UC campus, this is strongly recommended. WHY?

  • UC application does NOT allow any letters of recommendation. The essays are critical to getting admitted.
  • Students receive tips and personal guidance on every component of the UC application.
  • Student transcripts are reviewed by our team.
  • Based on their academic and co-curricular record, students receive personal advice on which campuses and majors to apply to at each campus.
  • The UC application goes live on August 1. 
  • Students will actually enter their curriculum, grades, resume, and all essays into the UC application in class.

6 – How does Virtual class work for the LIVE Camps?

  • We will use ZOOM for our LIVE Virtual Classroom.
  • This allows students from across California and the country to join us and experience the classroom environment. Log in when class begins, participate LIVE, and do all the activities right along with all students.
  • Google Documents allows our writing coaches to see how our students are progressing in real time.
  • ALL students have access to all the amenities as if you were in class with us; personal writing coach for the week, personalized feedback at every draft, goal setting, daily accountability, and completion of 4-8 essays.

7 – What can my daughter/son expect? Here is the “Camper” Agreement:

  1. I agree to follow the Step-by-Step essay curriculum that has been teen-proofed and battle tested for over a decade.
  2. On Day 1, I will set and declare my goals of how many essays I will complete.
  3. I will ask questions when I get stuck.
  4. I am committed to writing during class hours to avoid having homework.
  5. I will utilize the daily personalized feedback to draft, edit, and redraft my essays until they are given final approval!
  6. I have my happy dance playlist ready to go for the end of my essay camp!
  7. I will have fun, celebrate all the victories along the way, and eat ice cream.

8 – How is this camp different from other essay camps?

When it comes to writing your college essays, you have two choices. You can decide to take 4 months to agonize over the essays, OR – you can get it done in 4 steps with a coach.


For over 15 years, this camp runs on these 4 Agreements: 

  • FOCUSED WRITING TIME: Something you don’t have in Fall of senior year.
  • NO HOMEWORK: All writing is done in class time. 8-10 hours of writing. Period.
  • STEP-BY-STEP: Clear and Guided Writing Instructions.
  • PERSONALIZED FEEDBACK: A personal writing coach for the most important essay you’ve written to date!

“To seniors that haven’t taken this class, I encourage you to do so. The writing coaches really taught me how to put my thoughts and memories onto paper, as well as expand a small idea. It was a good experience that I think every student should have.”


“I feel great and so thankful that my mom forced me to do this. As a senior, I feel a sense of relief because of the weight lifted off of my shoulder.  Before this class, I used to think that writing was something I could never improve. Thankfully, with a push from Dr. C, Stephanie, and Vanna, I was able to strengthen my capabilities as a writer.”  


“I am glad that I took this essay camp.   The class left me with essays that I feel proud of you and am excited to show colleges.  Dr. Colon’s input and writing method was instrumental in helping me to write essays that would grab the reader’s attention and leave an impression.  Her class gave me one less thing to stress about.”




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