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No joke, after reading the first chapter, this easy, funny, and heartwarming book will leave you wanting to do cartwheels knowing you are in control of the college admission process. I promise you, THIS is the perfect match to your 4-Year High School Plan! And, um, don’t tell anyone, but ALL of the tales are based on real students. You’re gonna love it!

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Not sure what to write or how to begin? Let me guide you on the 7 categories you will find your perfect topic. AND, I’ll give you the 4 types of essays you need to get you through this process.

With a little guidance, the essay writing is not as scary as you think.

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I hate to admit it, but I rolled out of bed, took the SAT, applied to 3 colleges, and got into my first choice school. Gone are those days. Students MUST begin planning and taking action early. This ultimate checklist offers doable steps for each year. #yougotthis

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What are the 4 most common topics? Community Service, Life Challenges, Athletics, and Important People. I’ll explain why they don’t work and offer 8 solutions that do!

Episode 17 Visiting Colleges & Create Happy List

If you are at the beginning of this process and you have no idea how/where to begin your college search, have no fear, I got you. This freebie offers my favorite websites, apps, AND gives direction on how to build a college list appropriate to your GPA. You’re gonna love it!

This Action Plan is no joke. If you are seriously ready to Make A Plan AND Work The Plan, and I know you are, snag this freebie NOW. This is the template I use for my private clients to get them into action!

Episode 15 - The Pre-College Application Checklist: How To Avoid A Chaotic Senior Year.

OK! Here is the deal. If you are 1-12 months away from applying to college, this CHECKLIST is for you. It is detailed with everything you need to do to get prepped and ready to apply! Go on with your bad self!

Episode 20 - Why Colleges Need Your Test Scores: 5 Tips To Improve Your Score

If you are contemplating test prep, first you need to listen to this episode! Do not pass Go, first listen. THEN download this list of resources to get started! OMG, I’m so proud of you I can’t stand it. Look at you go!

Beef up your resume graphic

Let me give it to you straight. EVERYONE can stand to beef up their resume. I don’t know a single student who gets to senior year and says, “I wish I did less.” So- do this – download this guide first, and use it to take notes while you listen to the episode. 

Episodes 21-The UC Application: 9 Of The Best Colleges In the Country Part 1

Calling all California Seniors!! This RESOURCE is for YOU! Over 200 thousand students apply to the UC system every year. Last year five of the nine campuses had over 80 thousand freshmen applicants. YIKES! No kidding! Get your hands on this and read it!

Unsure what goes in a letter of recommendation? This form will help you reflect on who to ask, how they will contribute AND assist the teacher with words, phrases, and sentences she/he can use directly in the letter. GOLD!

IF you are serious about achieving your dreams and goals, this is THE weekly journal every you need. Plus, it is simple, easy to complete, and inspirational. 

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