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Is COVID Widening The Education Gap? How To Stay Ahead In College Admissions.

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Oh, Lawd, Everyone! I am taking you to the video vault. My mother is never going to forgive me for what I’m about to show you. My hair and make-up are not perfect. The jingling of my bracelets is sometimes annoying. So, yes, I should really update these videos. BUT – here is why I decided not to. YOU! There is so much good stuff waiting for you, that I rather give it to you now than have you wait for me. While I am off to the races working with seniors and juniors, you have plenty to get you going right here!

Enjoy and remember, every podcast or video gets you are closer to your #finishline.

Let’s Go! #Dreamers #Doers

College Visits: 3 things you need to know!

Get out your pen and paper – lots you will want to write down.

To all TEENS and Parents!! Today I’m going to give you tips on what you should know before visiting colleges, what to ask while there, and what to do once there and immediately after a visit.

College List: Maximize Your College Choices

Watch and learn.

The single goal when applying to college is to have choices by the end of your senior year. This video shows you how to build a list with Reach, 50/50, Target, and Likely colleges for YOU.  Every student has a reach school, the college they’ve been dreaming about. I say – YES  – apply to your dream school, but you will need a range of colleges.

Financial Planning for College

Let’s get started!

Parents and supporters!! – today we are talking about finances and college! Learn how to get an over 1000% Return On Investment as you teach your teen the cost of college! Grab your drink of choice and pen and paper. You will definitely want to take notes!! The tips in this video are about 1) what you need to be aware of, 2) how to involve your child, 3) where to find the information, plus BONUS tips. The cost of college is something that often comes as a shock to a family.

Interested Students Become Interesting College Applicants

Wondering what makes one student stand out over another in the college admissions process? Well- Today I have that answer!

SAT ACT & College Admission Process

Original air date April 2018

Wondering WHY SAT / ACT test scores are important in the college admission process? Want to know which test YOU should take? You’ve come to the right place – Grab a pen and paper. You will definitely want to take notes!!

College Spotlights:

Ivy League

Gonzaga University and Jesuit Institutions

University of Alabama and University Bands

University of Miami and DI Baseball Programs

Seton Hall and Colleges with Spiritual Communities

Air Force Academy: Top Notch Education at No Cost To YOU!

University of Miami (OH): Private Feel, Public Price, & Tradition for Love Birds

Carnegie Mellon: City of Brotherly Love

Xavier University (OH): Grow Your Heart And Mind

Indiana University of Pennsylvania: Cannot Beat This Value

University of Michigan: Not Just Football, This School is “Pitch Perfect!”

Yale University: People Make This Place Amazing

University of Pittsburgh: I Was Stopped Dead In My Tracks When I Saw This Beauty!

University of Delaware: Home to 47th VP of the United States (Guess who?)

Vassar College: My Home Away From Home

University of Cincinnati: Grab Your Doodle Pad For This Creative Institution

University of Southern California: Superheroes, Entrepreneurs, and Do-Gooders!

University of Oregon: Home To Founder of Nike

DePaul University: Great Option For Nearly EVERY GPA!

Northwestern University: Home to Julia Louis Dreyfus

UCLA: Academic Research & Top DI Sports

Saint Mary’s College (IN): Empowering Young Women Of All Backgrounds

Chapman University: Impressive Every Step Of The Way

Coach Me To The Finish Line!

I’m ready for #DYouNation! I’m a #doer #dreamer

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