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Encore: Dissecting The 'What Am I Good At' Admission Essay

The Anatomy Of A Successful Dream College Application

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Perfect 8th Grade Graduation Gift!
Recommended for 8th - 10th Grade

No joke, after reading the first chapter, this easy, funny, and heartwarming book will leave you wanting to do cartwheels knowing you are in control of the college admission process. I promise you, THIS is the perfect match to your 4-Year High School Plan! And, um, don’t tell anyone, but ALL of the tales are based on real students. You’re gonna love it!

Recommended for 8th-11th Grade

I hate to admit it, but I rolled out of bed, took the SAT, applied to 3 colleges, and got into my first choice school. Gone are those days. Students MUST begin planning and taking action early. This ultimate checklist offers doable steps for each year. #yougotthis

Essay Topics That Don't Work

Recommended for 11th-12th Grade

What are the 4 most common topics? Community Service, Life Challenges, Athletics, and Important People. I’ll explain why they don’t work and offer 8 solutions that do!

A Few Colleges and Schools Dr. Colon Has Worked With.

Coach Me To The Finish Line!

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